Contaminated Site Services

Contaminated land affects both developed and undeveloped sites. Contaminated land poses threats to human health and to the environment, while also deterring investors and development options.

G&M offer a range of contaminated site services; we understand the difficulties and like to offer a personal service which allows you to help find a more cost effective and safer solution with technical advice and appropriate risk assessments, all following and meeting statutory requirements.

Contaminated Land Assessments

Phase 1-Desk Study

Phase one studies consists of field work, ordnance survey mapping and comprehensive environmental database searches. The desk studies overall aim is to determine whether the site or the surrounding area has potentially contaminative use. The desk study also provides a detailed analysis and information on others aspects, for example, radon, watercourses, aquifers and public water abstractions.

This phase also links with coal mining searches and establishes any possible linkages. Once the data has been collected from fieldwork and other sources, the desk study report is drawn up providing a preliminary model and risk assessment.

Phase 2-Site Investigations

Once the desk study has drawn up an overall understanding of why the client needs the assessment, G&M design investigations which meet the objectives set out in phase one.

Before intrusive fieldwork commences, a walk over of the site is undertaken to confirm information from phase one, and finalises locations of boreholes for example. Dynamic sampling technique is used, as well as trail pits and cable percussion boreholes (more information can be found under site/ground investigation). Standpipes are used to monitor and collect samples of ground water and soil gases. Other monitoring techniques are used for example in-situ monitoring for water quality. Once these are collect, laboratory testing is carried out.

G&M have undertaken investigations in sites such as:

  • Petrol stations
  • Factories
  • Landfills
  • Scrap yards
  • Treatment works

This phase of the assessment provides the clients with a report that assess and advises on the possible risks to health, surface and ground water resources. A final model and risk assessment is drawn up and a Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA) is undertaken.

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